Johnny Story by Vic Baranco

Reproduced from Lafayette Morehouse The Johnny Story by Vic Baranco This article originally appeared in Aquarius in December 1969. The Aquarius was a magazine published by the Institute of Human abilities at various times since the late ’60’s. This is a story, like a fable or parable. We’re not asking you to believe it or anything, just ask yourself, “Hey, […]

trip things and tasks

Step 1 Get a pad and pen and write: “On your way out the door” at the top. Then, everything that you cannot pack and load the day before, you put on this list to grab and load on your way out the door. For example, I’m leaving for my sister’s place tomorrow so my “on the way out the […]

Like a Beached Whale

Everywhere I turn, another person, place or thing. Coming at me, going by me. Lights, sounds, colors and textures assail me, force me to evaluate them. Friend or foe? Threatening or benevolent? A room full of people stabs my heart with suicidal loneliness. Me and my tank and no other person place or thing, and I am soothed with sweet solitude. No money […]

Sex, Drugs and Epsom Salt

Orgasmic Meditation Orgasmic Meditation is the central practice of OneTaste, a for-profit spiritual business. The practice offers countless value. It is ranked in the top 20 best educational systems by Inc Magazine. As number 893 of the Inc 5000 fastest growing companies, it is providing a new stream of revenue for many people with a strong interest in earning an […]

A Philosophy of Truth and Reality

Truth is a TIPI Truth in Isolation Tank Gnosis is actually not so complex – it’s whatever you imagine, whenever you imagine it, even if no one else agrees with you. But it does help to expand on it, so let’s see how Truth is a TIPI. Let’s see how it is (T)emporary, (I)maginary, (P)ersonal and (I)mmediate. Truth is Temporary […]

A Philosophy of Being

Utter Nothingness (Primordial Samadhi) Before the beginning was a cause and this cause made the decision to be. Previously, there were neither “being” nor “not-being”, only a potential to be. You assume this precise original state almost daily! If you sleep – dreamless sleep – are you conscious that you exist? On the other hand, do you have the idea […]

Gnosis’ Genesis

Every religion worth its salt (no pun intended) has a creation mythology. You know, their way of offering a solution to the chicken-and-egg problem of human existence. Well, we aren’t going to go that far back in time to chronicle the genesis of Isolation Tank Gnosis. First, because time is not linear anyway. But secondly because this religion didn’t start […]

Vows of the Abba

Please recite the following in the presence of the existing Abbas: I have practiced the Harry Palmer intensive and was pleased with it. I thoroughly love the idea of hands-off enlightenment and want to offer it to others. I find Part I of this book to be a useful set of tools for this purpose. I am agreement with the […]

Prospective recluses

The key idea in dealing with the public is “come and see for yourself”. Your goal is to be the messenger, not the message. Let the tank do the talking about how well it works. Keep the focus on inviting them to try it for themselves. If they want to know more about this organization, encourage them to visit the […]