What happened to the Advaita Show on the Podcast Network?

I really used to enjoy listening to The Advaita Show on The Podcast Network. It seems that Cameron Reilly and Sailor Bob Adamson had a parting of ways? I dont know. Anyway, I found a radio station that plays a lot of the old episodes. And I also uploaded the episodes I had here. Just search for “tpn advaita” on […]

Dries Cancer Diet Food List

The Dries Diet System   The Dries cancer diet is based largely upon the consumption of raw fruits, mostly tropical fruit such as pineapple and mango, as well as certainraw vegetables, seeds and condiments such as yoghurt, buttermilk and some oils. The basis of the selection of these foods is their bio-energetic value measured in bio photons, which apparently have […]

Cornerstone of Truth: You As Avatar

An avatar is an incarnation of God. The religious viewpoints on who or what an avatar is vary greatly. In Christianity, Jesus is an avatar. In Mexican Shamanism, the Psilocybin mushroom is an avatar. They refer to it as “teonanacatl” or literally, “The Flesh of God.” Buddhism does not admit the existence of a God and therefore does not admit […]

Cornerstone of Truth: Isolation

When we look at isolation as a cornerstone of truth, we can focus on three different flavors of isolation: environmental isolation, such as being in the wilderness or at sea “mystical” isolation such as astral projection or yogic sense withdrawal neural isolation, such as the isolation tank Environmental Isolation (refer to The Deep Self) Mystical Isolation Mystical isolation differs from […]