Two levels of awareness on animal slaughter

Now, thanks to Lafayette Morehouse, I am finally unravelling the concept of “Two Levels of Awareness” – on one level, yes I am everything and I am the Creator of all that I experience due to my causative thinking. But on another level, I need to quit acting like certain things are not happening and face up to the nastiness […]

Extended Stay Orlando: A Saga of 3 Hotels

I arrived into Orlando, FL a few days ago. I drove from California to Florida and made it in 2.5 days! Cool, then I began to look for a place to stay, preferably just one place to stay for the next 3 months. The first place I went to was the Extended Stay America in Northern Orlando at Equity Row. […]

A Turning Point in My Spiritual Career

So this weekend, I went to Lafayette Morehouse on my continual amble through the landscape of sacred sexuality. May 10, 2014 (about 1.5 years ago) I was financially free and I had a choice to make. I was ready to go to a Buddhist retreat center in West Virginia, but then a message came through from a teacher of HAI […]


– financially I just starting using an online budget program. My income from computer programming $4500 but my spending each month is $2000 to $6000 more than that. Screenshot – It’s sobering when you actually see the numbers right in front of your eyes. My mom wants me to work on improving the budget, but there really is no […]