IRS Freedom Resources

There are numerous approaches to freeing yourself from the IRS. I invite you to investigate them for yourself. I personally worked with a graduate of Denver University who removed himself via a certain process. My story is chronicled here. But please do investigate these other resources: You Have the Right has a weekly conference call with 100% free and nearly […]

Made it to Colorado!

I tell you, Mom’s Cadillac purrs like a kitten on the open road… it eats up the highway like a hot-wing lunch:   I thought ahead and put all my belongings in crates so that they were easy to pack into the car and easy to take out: there are three whole foods near me, all 4.5 miles or so […]

Just one breath; primal urge

I do the breath counting up to 10 as instructed once per day. However at other times, I simply count to 1 in each of the ways instructed. It feels good to have a sense of accomplishment and gradually increase the count to 2 and then 3, etc. It seems I am becoming aware of my thinking. I just came […]

Moments in Baduk (8k)

Unsure of the Best Move… So I’m at a move in this game: and I’m not sure what to play. But let’s think about it: He just played B17 and I almost had a knee-jerk reaction to fiddle around with that group over there. But the main thing of importance is his R12 group… it is not settled and if […]

What is the real master power?

My friend Kristin has a way of stimulating my thought, she posted this cute thing: If we incorporate the attitude “I am just an instrument in God’s hands,” then the burden of karma will fall away from us entirely. Only when a pen is in someone’s hands can it write letters. It does not write on its own. So too […]

Metatronia session

This morning I received a Metatronia session from Denise Higgison at 6:15am. Earlier that morning, I had a rather unusual dream that ended with a person’s face morphing into 2 other faces, the middle face being similar to my father. Then after getting some logistics out of the way with Denise via text, I went back to sleep. I awoke […]

Disinformation’s Greatest Hits (The Red Pill)

I have freed 100 slaves but the truth is, I could free 1,000 more if they knew they were slaves. — Harriet Tubman I only tell you the half, for if I were to tell you the whole, you would go back to sleep. — Noble Prophet Drew Ali This is a brief capsule into all the things I am […]

Deep Questions

Automatic biological organism vs. Me: return to the childhood state (posted to dhamma sukha yahoo group) I am mystified by my life as a young child: Once as a young child, “Terrence” stepped into a bed of red ants and they stung “Terrence” and “Terrence” was screaming and crying. But the interesting thing is that even though Terrence was engaging […]