Questions loom in the Spain-Japan U20 womens world cup final

Was the first goal by Spain offside? In reviewing a screenshot from the highlights, it appears to be a question of the Japanese defender’s foot versus the Spain player’s shoulder. Very close. Not blatantly offside for sure. Was the handball call accurate? In reviewing the match thread comments about the penalty call we read: Natural position, ball-to-hand, no time to […]

Life and Death Galore in this 8k bloodfest

I just lost a game I was winning the whole time. But even so there were many opportunities to play even stronger. Position 1 – You need 3 corners to make that eye… I hate how obvious these L&D problems are after the game. But suffice to say that Black must have both points 1 and 2 to make an […]

The Edge Crush in Baduk

In his “Go Dojo” software Bruce Wilcox refers to this shape as an edge-crush: a third-line stone surrounded with the shape White has here is a sure kill however… the crushing stones must have enough liberties during the ensuing fight If the White stones cannot handle Black’s efforts to fight back then the edge-crush does not work. We will discuss […]

I beat a 4k player on OGS!!!

I joined the blitz tournament to get my head beaten in and to maybe learn a thing or two about openings. But before I knew it, was winning this game against someone 4 stones stronger than me and before I knew it, the opponent resigned. All I did was follow the simple protocol that shygost and clossius both teach: am […]

Comprehensive application configuration may occur in code, config-files and command-line interfaces… and a robust Python object system should support all 3

Coming fresh off the heels of the frequently discussed topic of should config files be plain Python and coming fresh off the heels of the announcement of 2 new command-line interface generators, I felt it was time to weigh in on the simple fact that: An industrial strength application may need to be seamlessly configured in 3 ways: the command-line, […]

Issues with the PCR Test

Issue 1 – the inventor said it cant be used to test infection Kary Mullis invented the PCR test and is in the record for saying I will debate Anthony Fauci to his face. The PCR test cannot be used to detect infection Yet, in both HIV/AIDs and the Corona Virus, the lynch pin holding both stories together is the […]