How to decide on the next move as Black in this position?

I reached this position in a correspondence game: Now, as a student of the Clossius approach, my analysis went like so: Am I in trouble? No. Nothing of mine is being threatened for its life. Is the opponent in trouble? Sort of. The White group ‘A’ has an open skirt and after playing ’22, I could monkey jump in and […]

How I ended up settling on a Lenovo Pro 5i

So i wanted to spend 2grand or less and I wanted 1-2tb of SSD, 32gigs ram and something to play games with. And I DID NOT want to buy something I couldnt try out and I didnt want to have to have something delivered and wait a week. So good bye new egg, good bye best buy, good bye walmart […]

“A Farewell to Virology” by Dr. Mark & Dr. Samantha Bailey

Truth Comes to light reports; Abstract Virology invented the virus model but has consistently failed to fulfil its own requirements The aim of this essay is to provide refutations to various claims that pathogenic viruses exist and cause disease. SARS-CoV-2 has been used as the main example but the principles apply to all alleged viruses. What follows addresses virology’s often […]