The Pace. The Power. Goodbye

Lineth Beerensteyn is a terrifying player to watch if you’re the opposition. I would say that her and Diani from the French team are the two most terrifying workhorses to have to deal with. Enough bulk to withstand defensive charges but blistering pace to leave defenders in the dust. Below, she puts Juventus in the lead, scorching 2 defenders and […]

The Pure Python Web Application Solutions Guide Needs a Serious Revamping

Pure python web application development is becoming a hot topic. With Anaconda backing and developing PyScript and a major software company adopting Streamlit, pure python web application development is here to stay… finally. My guide to pure python web applications has been through many phases and it is time for a serious revamping once again. First Some History About 2 […]


Michael Sherman operates the Baduk Scholar’s Twitch Stream. He plays on OGS under the accounts ‘Michael S’ and ‘Mikito S’. He is nearly 1-dan in one of his accounts.

Reviewing my loss to a 1k

From this game I learned these things. First position of issue Do you know where Black should play next and why? I didnt and I made a huge mess. Second Position of Issue What is the best move for Black in this position? Third position of issue: dont hit the armpit! Here we see a very poor play by white […]

The ROSE Move Selection Algorithm for Baduk

I was playing one of the followers from my Twitch stream and he mentioned a different way of deciding on go moves called ROSE. Developed by Haylee Jin, ROSE is an acronym for Respond? Options? Sente? Expected Results? Let’s break down ROSE R – Do I need to respond to opponents move? O – What Are My Options? S – […]

Samuel Eto’o’s picks for the 2022 World Cup were ridiculous, but the comment replies were hilarious

Here is what Samuel Eto’o predicted for World Cup 2022 The replies were hilarious intravenous hopium 30cc He’s an African not an Africant It’s so ridiculous that I genuinely don’t know whether he has confused the word “prediction” with “dream” More like least sober Eto’o ever Maybe Eto’o already knows which games are fixed Of […]

A single White cut in a sea of black…

Who has the guts to cut into this White position at ‘1’ ? I certainly saw the cut while I was playing this game, but my ‘A’ group was weak and I figured that Black would simply chase my cutting stone towards ‘A’ and then kill about ‘A’ and my cutting stone. How in the world does one develop the […]