Massive kills: Notes from the Homicide Files

Remove base, reduce eyespace (to a Bulky 5), play the vital point It was a back-and-forth affair with eric128 until I set my sights on the group in the lower left: It looks like a fairly large group. Didnt look possible to kill. But the clossi approach has a clear set of steps to deal with a weak group – […]

A wild ride with TigeEriCHan: Game Review (6k vs 7k)

I just finished a wild game versus TigeEriCHan… you know with a name like that, you are in for a ride. How to handle this invasion by the Tiger?! I chose the wrong cutting point at move 84 At move 106 Opponent had 1 good threat, I really had more: Have you ever had thickness you wanted to use? Well […]

Just in case you thought dan players know how to play Go…

I will never forget when Tim Kington said: “I have no idea what I’m doing”… and he was nearing 1-dan and studying with James Kerwin. Since then I had the impression that 1-dan players had huge lookahead and were bulletproof. Well, time to think again: Speaking as a dan level player, we don’t know what the fuck we’re doing either […]

40 days ago, I was 5k. I have now plummeted to 8k…

I was so proud 40 days ago when I reached 5k. Before I knew it, I had tumbled to 8k and was losing game after game. Here is my rank graph on the glorious day that I ranked as 5k on OGS. Here is my rank graph as of today on OGS: What has changed? I thought I could forget […]

Bruce Wilcox’s Go Dojo

Long ago at the Columbus Go Club, a guy called Corey mentioned that a guy called Bruce Wilcox used to play tengen successfully on the 19×19 board. He had a very nice piece of software to learn about Go called Go Dojo. It is a playable book with over 900 pages of material covering 2 types of skills – contact […]