Deja-vu about certain shape-aggregates

I was playing a move in my game against Mimei and kept swearing that I had a shape similar to the circled shape in another game: Then a few days later in my game against Valgaav I struck by having a similar large-shape consisting of of many common shape patterns (bamboo, table, etc): It’s odd how as White and as […]

What would you play in this #goposition

Gelato has an interesting corner-oriented style of play, where he often opens with a 3-3 and 3-4 stone… in this game, he chose a 4-4 stone, but played the joseki where he keeps the corner. We pick up the action at move 35 My analysis:

After a 4-month drop from 5k, I have now returned to 5k

4 months ago, I made 5k on OGS primarily by playing live games based on what Clossius teaches: “just dont lose… play defense”… then I started playing all sorts of blitz games and a whole lot of blitz games and I dropped to as low as 8k. In my return to 5k I have only played 4 or 5 live […]

sochoski vs me

A is my high skirt. B is an unfinished contact sequence. C is an unfinished contact sequence. D is a kosumi against an iron pillar (which means B5 is an invasion point). I wish I had the confidence to jump in at E, but I dont. F is peepable. G and H are invasion points on the top. I think […]

The late 3-4 corner invasion

I was reviewing one of my games where my opponent played a lot of 2nd line stones during the middle game. But the main thing I want to focus on here is how to live in opponent territory starting with this position: White has invaded Black and started a contact fight. Black has 4 local responses to White: Let’s dont […]

Spirit Animal (9k) vs me (7k)

Interesting game versus another redditor-youtuber. Move 31 – the fearsome power of influence We reach our first crucial position. White has 44 points of “cash” and Black has maybe half that in cash. But Black’s influence is fearsome. If he puts down a stone at 9, he locks up 20 more points.. sort of… I can hop in at 10. […]