The Road to 5k Requires Seeing the Power of the Push-Cut

Not once, but TWICE IN THE SAME GAME could I have taken a commanding lead if I had only studied the position and considered the push cut. What the hay is a push cut? A push-cut occurs when you perform a two move sequence consisting of a push followed by a cut. let’s break it down, step by step. First, […]

A Pattern Re-Emerges – the 2-on-2 stone formation

Not even 4 days ago I played a game and after studying it in katago, I came to move 73 and was so astonished at the pure savagery that could occur in an innocent position that I posted the position on reddit. I am going to highlight what I call “the 2-on-2 stone formation’: So, just yesterday I was playing […]

The Baduk Homicide Files

The “bye-bye 2 eyes” murder Approximate time of homicide – February 11, 2023 4:35 PMĀ – March 10, 2023 3:24 PM Named in honor of one of my favorite Columbo episodes, this kill spanned a vertical column that was sky high. The murder sequence began on move 151. It only took me 100 moves to leverage the cut that AI saw […]

Moments in Baduk (8k)

Unsure of the Best Move… So I’m at a move in this game: and I’m not sure what to play. But let’s think about it: He just played B17 and I almost had a knee-jerk reaction to fiddle around with that group over there. But the main thing of importance is his R12 group… it is not settled and if […]