Palm Beach Dharma Center (Dzogchen) Meditation Instructions

I was involved with the Palm Beach Dharma Center (PBDC) sometime in early 2000 and liked their meditation instructions. I searched the history of their site in the Wayback Machine and recovered some of their old gems on meditation. Our first tool for quieting the mind is meditation. One great master once likened the mind to a jar of muddy […]

How does Vajrayana Buddhism related to the Shambhala Teachings?

My personal involvement with Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and the Shambhala Centers began around 1994 in Philadelphia, PA. I took a few courses and intensives at the local center. In terms of meditation we learned to “do nothing on the in breath and then follow the outbreath into the room”. I left philadelphia for California and pretty much forgot about Shamabhala […]

Won Buddhism in a Nutshell

I thought it would be nice to have a single page with all the material you need to establish a good practice in Won Buddhism on a single page. I culled my material from scanning youtube videos as well as various official sites. So let this video play to motivate you to the practice of Won Buddhism: And while watching […]’s Next Course Begins on September 24th, 2022

July 2022 – Meditation Newsletter from Vipassanā Fellowship “Inner stillness is necessary if we are to be in perfect control of our faculties and if we are to hear the voice of the Spirit speaking to us.” – Bede Griffiths September Meditation Course – 10 Weeks online  Vipassanā Fellowship’s meditation course has been offered online for over 24 years – […]

Manifesting Reality, Self-Control and not-I

I understand that one of the eventual realizations of Insight Meditation is that there is no I. One of the things I wonder about is my ability to manifest my reality. I certainly can make a choice between things. For instance, if there is a menu of foods, I will certainly only select the vegetarian offerings and I will not […]

Feeling jealous?

I’m sitting here in my room and this girl I have been talking with is here with someone else. And it fills me with jealousy. So let’s see: I thought you could create your reality. Why dont you just walk out there and say “ok polish my knob” and she leaves his company and comes to room and blows you […]