Dealing with Computer Game Addiction

I dont know what I was thinking. I wanted to make Champion’s League in War Robots. I was very focused on this: reading forums, spending money on equipment. And I made Champion’s League. And then I realized some things: What is Your Life Purpose? If you have a life purpose, then you need to be focused on spending time constructively […]

White (me 12k) to move vs. 6k

So it’s my turn to move in this game. Let’s see what we have: That H17 stone looks like it needs to be picked on. Then again my E3 group is weak. It can leap to the corner or run out, but it really is not in a good shape. He is growing a nice left side and I am […]

Go Notes

I need to keep track of the excellent reviews I receive: kaptainkayak reviewed my 12k game as Black