The main purpose of this post is to motivate why to choose Starlite over the most popular API framework in Python – FastAPI: Real world demands force Na’am Hirschfield to drop FastAPI In this article Na’am describes why he had to drop FastAPI and start using Starlite. There were this comments in the reddit thread on his article. FastAPI dependency […]

Streamlit has serious issues

Streamlit is the most popular pure python web application. But it is far from the best. Streamlit makes simple things easy and it is easy to get hooked on because you didn’t have to leave your warm fuzzy Python world. The point of this post is to record all the various issues that exist with Streamlit. it recalculates everything anytime […]

The Pure Python Web Application Solutions Guide Needs a Serious Revamping

Pure python web application development is becoming a hot topic. With Anaconda backing and developing PyScript and a major software company adopting Streamlit, pure python web application development is here to stay… finally. My guide to pure python web applications has been through many phases and it is time for a serious revamping once again. First Some History About 2 […]

My thoughts on the article “Will Rust Take over Data Engineering?”

An interesting article was posted to reddit with the title “Will Rust Take over Data Engineering? ” As I read the article I had a few reactions to its contents, which I outline below. “was Python made for Data Engineering in the first place?” No, but neither was Rust. Who cares what it was made for, what matters is how […]

web2py and py4web – why are they not more popular?

A fan of web2py started a discussion wondering why web2py is not more popular. I’m sure everyone has their reasons, I will enumerate mine. The DAL Layer is sweet web2py seemed to have a better database layer than Django and I like the flat object space over what I do with SQLalchemy. But user base, community support are strong factors […]

Downgrades and Upgrades to the Rating of Pure Python Web Application Solutions

Rather than create a new blog post each time that a pure python web application is upgraded or downgraded, I figured one reverse-chronological post was better. 2022, Sept 9: Transcrypt is no longer a Class A Pure Python Web Application solution Transcrypt is fully-featured. It is well-documented. Through the years, responses to community questions have been quick an accurate. however […]

Concerns about Skulpt underlying Anvil… resolved!

What I’m trying to do: Estimate the reliability of skulpt as the basis for Anvil What I’ve tried and what’s not working: I maintain the pure python web application survey guide and currently have Anvil rated as a Class A framework, meaning that it is industrial strength, well-maintained, well-documented with good support channels. My concern with Anvil is more with […]