Who is Terrence Brannon

I am just a mirage. Their opinion of me reflects their state of consciousness Jose Arguelles in his last days on Planet Earth. Speaking of Jose Arguelles here is my Galactic Signature courtesy of The Law of Time, based on the fact that I was born May 11, 1969 at 2:25pm: Welcome to the impossible task of defining Terrence Brannon! […]

Tong Ren Therapy Cross Reference

You may incrementally search for a symptom/diagnosis using the search box. Please be aware that certain conditions (e.g. cancer) have some additional information available only in the books. You may visit yinyanghouse if you need to locate a point. [table id=3 /]

Unforgettable HAI Moment – she needed my love

At the speed dating, JCK sat down in front of me. I was filled with admiration for her beauty. I was enchanted with her hair and facial features. She had a look of unworthiness and disbelief – she could not believe that so much adoration was coming her way. I asked permission to stroke her hair. Each stroke was loaded […]

HAI – Go, Go, Go!

Will the beauty ever stop? Not if HAI has anything to do with it. On the tantric speed dating, 2 moments to never forget: – she willed me to kiss her with her loving – LRA did this. – MNA. i asked could I stroke her hair, she said yes. I stroked and stroked and carressed and then asked if […]