Reviewing my loss to a 1k

From this game I learned these things. First position of issue Do you know where Black should play next and why? I didnt and I made a huge mess. Second Position of Issue What is the best move for Black in this position? Third position of issue: dont hit the armpit! Here we see a very poor play by white […]

A single White cut in a sea of black…

Who has the guts to cut into this White position at ‘1’ ? I certainly saw the cut while I was playing this game, but my ‘A’ group was weak and I figured that Black would simply chase my cutting stone towards ‘A’ and then kill about ‘A’ and my cutting stone. How in the world does one develop the […]

Difficult L&D

difficult is relative, but I struggled with problem 36 in Cho Chikun’s Encyclopedia of Life and Death