A wild ride with TigeEriCHan: Game Review (6k vs 7k)

I just finished a wild game versus TigeEriCHan… you know with a name like that, you are in for a ride. How to handle this invasion by the Tiger?! I chose the wrong cutting point at move 84 At move 106 Opponent had 1 good threat, I really had more: Have you ever had thickness you wanted to use? Well […]

Wicked Fighting for the Aspiring 6k

I played a game against Lord Spoon who attends my Twitch channel. It was a good correspondence game with several places where each side could’ve played a single decisive stone to wreck an opponent group. If you can recognize the brutal play in each of these situations, you will be much further ahead in your go career: The most wicked […]

A 5-dan reviews a 3k versus 7k slugfest

I recently played a 3k on OGS and benefitted greatly from the commentary of a 5-dan. Normally I just use the AI, but the human touch in this case was super valuable. So let’s hit the high points of his review. White makes an overplay Here White has just played at O14 but … I get the idea of this, […]

Play by Play, 7k versus 11k!

I’m playing a correspondence game on OGS and as soon as I saw a certain move by my opponent, I thought I would blog the critical positions in our game. Good beginner YouTube Stream My opponent wanted feedback on the opening. I referred him to Shygost’s list which has a section called “priorities in the opening” but then also made […]

Wielding the tremendous power of a single stone

The fact that a single stone placed in the vital point of a group reveals the awesome power that a single stone can wield over a massive set of opponent stones. In the following examples, we see how to setup and win complex fights by choosing the right time to use a single stone against a group of opponent stones. […]

How to decide on the next move as Black in this position?

I reached this position in a correspondence game: Now, as a student of the Clossius approach, my analysis went like so: Am I in trouble? No. Nothing of mine is being threatened for its life. Is the opponent in trouble? Sort of. The White group ‘A’ has an open skirt and after playing ’22, I could monkey jump in and […]

A little life and death to go with your morning tea

I was working on Problem 24 in the excellent Just Go software: And I thought the program was broken because I thought C3 was a good move for Black. But once I loaded the position into Katrain, I saw that C3 did not work and that another move would save Black…. but I’m not going to tell you 🙂 Here […]