Bruce Wilcox style analysis of 1k versus 8k barn burner

The game that will be reviewed from the standpoint of Bruce Wilcox’s “Contact Fights” and Sector Fights is this – It was a game between me and the Twitch Streamer BadukScholars. An awkward position in terms of contact and sectors Black is within the enemy sector… breaking the sector line is a good idea because the group is not […]

Life and Death Galore in this 8k bloodfest

I just lost a game I was winning the whole time. But even so there were many opportunities to play even stronger. Position 1 – You need 3 corners to make that eye… I hate how obvious these L&D problems are after the game. But suffice to say that Black must have both points 1 and 2 to make an […]

I beat a 4k player on OGS!!!

I joined the blitz tournament to get my head beaten in and to maybe learn a thing or two about openings. But before I knew it, was winning this game against someone 4 stones stronger than me and before I knew it, the opponent resigned. All I did was follow the simple protocol that shygost and clossius both teach: am […]

“ALL professionals know better: in … Middle Game, territory is not important, but strength and weakness of groups [is]”. A review of my game today.

The following quote is very relevant to the game I just lost: In ancient China, people were not scoring territory at all, but instead just the stones on the board. So originally, Go was about “gaining life for as many stones as possible” instead of territory. Building a territory – i.e. an area where no opponent’s stones are able to live – […]

Desperation and frustration about central moyo

i just lost a game and here is my review of my play. i would appreciate some feedback on how to change my thinking. i intentionally did not use katago to review the game. Any comments i make about katago in the review have to do with previous studies. I find moyo and influence to be very scary things to […]

How do you decide which cutting point to attack?

I was just playing a game where my opponent left 5 cutting `points: I wasnt sure where to cut I wasnt sure what proverb to use to think about cutting so I just did some reading and here is where I was thinking: If I can cut at 3 in sente then I can follow that with L16 and then […]

The Road to 5k Requires Seeing the Power of the Push-Cut

Not once, but TWICE IN THE SAME GAME could I have taken a commanding lead if I had only studied the position and considered the push cut. What the hay is a push cut? A push-cut occurs when you perform a two move sequence consisting of a push followed by a cut. let’s break it down, step by step. First, […]

A Pattern Re-Emerges – the 2-on-2 stone formation

Not even 4 days ago I played a game and after studying it in katago, I came to move 73 and was so astonished at the pure savagery that could occur in an innocent position that I posted the position on reddit. I am going to highlight what I call “the 2-on-2 stone formation’: So, just yesterday I was playing […]