Late Opening Position

A lot of players on Fox resign early for some reason. We had only played 10 or 20 moves in this game when the opponent resigned. At the final position in the game, what move would you play?

Wielding the tremendous power of a single stone

The fact that a single stone placed in the vital point of a group reveals the awesome power that a single stone can wield over a massive set of opponent stones. In the following examples, we see how to setup and win complex fights by choosing the right time to use a single stone against a group of opponent stones. […]

A framework game

I’m currently playing a game and am at this position Individually, no group has weaknesses. There also are no particular inter-group opportunities to coordinate and attack against a group. So no we look at framework moves Reduce, invade or grow a moyo “1” is a reduction move that grows my moyo “2” is worse because it is a gote growing […]